The Blissful Birder FAQ

Will my photo be included/featured in the calendar?

If you received a text from us, it means your submission was accepted and that your photo(s) will indeed be in the calendar. We don't send texts to submitters who were rejected from the project.

Which calendar/project will my photo be in?

Please check your text from us. We will have included the title and the link for the project in which your photo will be. Click the link to be directed to its page on our site.

Can I see a preview of the project?

We cannot send a preview until after the calendar has been completed. If the text you received stated that the calendar is available for pre-order, it means the project is not yet completed. However, you will be able to see the full electronic preview on the publication date.

Which photo are you going to publish?

If the calendar is still a pre-order, then our artists are still working on the calendar, and their decision as to which photo(s) of yours they select will be made later on. However, if you received our acceptance text, then it’s guaranteed that at least one of your photo submissions will make the calendar.

When will the calendar be published?

Please see the link in the text we sent you. The link will direct you to a page that will display the estimated publication date.

On which month will my photo be featured?

If the calendar is still a pre-order, then our artists are still working on the calendar, and their decision on which month your photo will be featured will be made later on. I would like to check on my order.

Will I be credited for the photo in the calendar?

On the submission form, we had a question that asked you to list the name you wanted to be credited with in the finished project. If you filled that out with a name--and not simply by writing "Yes"--then that is how you will be credited on or under the photo. I submitted multiple photos.

I would like to follow-up on my order.

Please first be sure that your order was not for a project still in "pre-order" status, which would mean that the product is not yet ready to ship, but we'll be shipping it to you once it's completed. If you've checked and it is not still a pre-order, and you would like to inquire about it, please email us at Be sure to include your order number in the email.

I have a question that was not addressed above.

For all other inquiries, please email us at We strive to answer all emails within one business day.