Affiliate FAQ

Note: Our affiliates program is reserved solely for the use of a select group of bloggers, social media influencers, and industry professionals. If you have not been invited to join this program by The Blissful Birder, please refrain from signing up. If you haven't been invited but would like to be considered for our program, send an email to stating why you would like to join the program and your credentials in birding, bird ownership, or ornithology. 

Where can I sign up?

Sign up to become an affiliate for The Blissful Birder at

Does it cost money to sign up?

No. You will never be charged any fees by Refersion or by The Blissful Birder for signing up to our program. The Blissful Birder pays membership fees and a portion of our sales to Refersion so that our affiliates don't have to.

Where and how can I promote The Blissful Birder?

This very much depends on where your influence within the world of birding lies. If you maintain an influential social media account, simply placing your Refersion link in the bio of your profile and stating your affiliation with our brand can be a quite efficient way to make passive income—depending on how much traffic your account receives, you may not need to do anything further to begin receiving funds.

To take it a step further, you are encouraged to periodically post (or Tweet) about our products—particularly when we have time-sensitive deals and coupons, of which you will be notified via our monthly e-newsletter for affiliates.

If you maintain an opted-in email list (no cold emails) for a group, community, or base of readers, simply pasting your affiliate link in your tagline is another no-work-required means of earning passive income, and of course you are encouraged to include more thorough descriptions of our new products, time-sensitive deals, or our brand as a whole on a weekly or monthly basis.

Feel free to get creative with it! One of the cleverest affiliate ideas we’ve heard is a birding tour guide who adds a discount code to our site on their business card, passing one out to each client after their tour.

For more ideas, there is a lovely blog post discussing a few of the many tactics you are encouraged to use to gain some passive income from our Affiliates Program:

Whatever means you choose to support our brand, always be sure to follow our Affiliate Program guidelines. Good luck!

How much money will I make per sale?

You will earn 20% of the revenue generated for each sale you make. For example, if you refer a sale for $150, you will earn $30 profit.

How does the process work?

After you sign up to become an affiliate using the link above (the sign-up process takes less than five minutes), Refersion will generate a custom link for you. This link will direct visitors to our website, and it will track which of the visitors who came to our website from your link made purchases and how much those purchases were for.

So, let's say you send your custom link in an email to 100 of your followers, and fifty of them click the link and purchase one product each, at $50 per product. You will be credited $10 per sale times 50 sales for a total of $500, which will be deposited into your PayPal account on the next affiliate payment date (every other Monday).

Your sales can also be tracked via a discount code. If you have not been issued a discount code to offer your customers, please email us at and we will assign you one (normally your last name or the first word of your company/organization). Your discount code will apply for between 10 percent off your customers' orders.

Am I restricted to selling certain products, or can I earn commission off sales of any of the Blissful Birder’s other products?

Affiliates are eligible to earn commission on all sales they generate on our website. Our standard affiliate link directs to our homepage (and not a specific product page) for this reason. However, you can create custom affiliate links to specific products on our site if you choose. To do so, simply click "create link to a specific page" and then copy the URL of the specific product's page to which you'd like your affiliate link to direct. This may make it easier for your customers to find the product they are searching for.

Is there a minimum sales requirement?

No. You will be credited for your very first sale, no matter how small.

How long can I be an affiliate?

So long as you continue to abide by our terms and policies, you can be an affiliate for as long you want!

Can I use my Refersion link to purchase goods from the website for myself, family, or friends, thus earning 20% back on personal orders?

Yes, this is permissible. The Blissful Birder does allow our affiliates to use their affiliate profile to receive discounts on their own orders.

Similarly, am I allowed to use my unique discount code for personal orders?

Yes, we do allow you to use your discount code for personal or family/friend's orders as well.

I see that Refersion has tracked my sales, and it displays how much I am owed on my affiliates page, but how do I withdraw the money?

Though Refersion tracks how much you are owed, it will not automatically pay that amount. Payments are deposited directly into your PayPal account (if you linked your account correctly) every other Monday.

On Refersion, it mentions something about there being a 30-day cookie period. To be exact, it says, "Get 20% when customers purchase using your referral link within 30 day(s)." What does this mean?

This means that your custom link will track the sales activity from one IP address for thirty days after the user first clicks your link. So, let's say a potential customer clicks your custom link on the 2nd of the month but does not decide to buy anything at first. Then, on the 25th of the month, that same user (or, rather, the same IP address) logs back onto our site manually (by typing in their browser, or by some other means other than using your custom link) and makes a purchase, you would still be credited for that sale. As long as someone clicks your link and then purchases from our website at any point within thirty days, you will be credited for the sale!

I believe that I made a sale with my custom link and Refersion did not track it. What should I do?

Though it is rare that Refersion fails to track a sale, this does sometimes happen when customers use cookie or ad-blocking software. If you believe this happened to you, the first thing to do is confirm that the sale was indeed made. Nine times out of ten in these situations, the buyer didn't actually make/complete the purchase that the affiliate assumed was made.

If after looking further into the situation you are still convinced that Refersion did not track your sale, please send an email to with the following information:

  1. The PayPal email you have registered with Refersion.
  2. The order number of the sale(s) you believe was not tracked.
  3. The name of the purchaser, if possible.

We will then look further into the situation from our end and manually credit your account for the sale(s) if all checks out.

It's been over a month since I referred my first sale and I haven't been paid yet. Why is this?

This is most likely because your PayPal account is not linked properly, and thus Refersion has no place to deposit your earnings. Please check to make sure that the email account you have registered on Refersion is indeed registered as a PayPal account as well. Then update your profile with the PayPal-registered email, and your funds will be deposited on the next affiliate payment date.

Do you have any rules or guidelines?

Yes. Please see our complete Affiliate Program Policy.